Re: Lenny and testing and testing and apt

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 09:10:09 +0530, Vidyadhar Gadgil wrote:
A few days ago I installed Debian Lenny, i.e., current testing, on my
system replacing stable. It was a fresh install, not an upgrade.

Everything is functioning fine. But when I try to run netselect-apt to
find the fastest mirror, I get:

"netselect was unable to find a mirror, this probably means that
you are behind a firewall and it is blocking traceroute."

I haven't done any tinkering with firewalls, what I installed is what I
got. What is this problem?

Can you use traceroute from the command line, e.g.


This should show you all the intermediate points for a connection from
your computer to the Swedish Debian mirror ( If
this does not work then maybe there will be an error message to help
us to figure out what is wrong.

Second, I used the mirrors from my stable install, so my sources.list
file has entries like this:

deb lenny main contrib

Works fine. But I want to replace lenny with testing, as I want to be
permanently on testing, even after lenny becomes stable. So I replace
above with

deb testing main contrib

And zilch, apt-get is not able to read the repo at all?

If is a proper mirror, then it should have "testing" as a
symlink pointing to "lenny", so your new line should work. I had a quick
look and it seems to me that is set up correctly.
What is the exact error message that you get from "apt-get update"?

If the problem persists then I would simply switch to one of the
official mirrors:

(Note: Packages in "contrib" normally require packages from "non-free"
to work, so they will be of little use to you unless you also put
"non-free" in your list.)

Regards, |
Florian |

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