Re: procmail rule to filter debian-user

Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@xxxxxxx>:

If you aren't wedded to procmail for some other reason, then maybe
maildrop would be more to your liking, since it has a much simpler
syntax. Here's my maildrop rule for filtering d-u mails:

if ( /^X-Mailing-List:.*<debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>*/ )
to "Maildir/.Lists.Debian.User.2008q3"

For completeness, that's not much less complex (aka line noise) than
my procmail rule, and mine splits each debian list into its own mbox,
and handles newsfroup backscatter:

# ------------------------------------
# debian-${MATCH}
# The MATCH operator \/ matches whatever the regexp that follows
# it matches.
* 1^0 ^X\-Mailing\-List:.*debian-\/[a-z.-]*
* 1^0 ^Newsgroups:.*debian.\/[a-z.-]*
* 1^0 ^Cc: debian-user@lists\.debian\.org
LOG="debian-${MATCH} - "

I've been recommending noobs try maildrop first for years. Procmail
may be a howitzer where a shiv is needed. :-)

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