Re: How do I install older software versions?

On Sat, 2008-09-27 at 23:12 +0200, Aniruddha wrote:
I wonder:

1) What happens with older versions? Where do they go?
2) How do I install older versions?

Thanks in advance!

It would be good to read APT How-To (search for it by your favourite internet search
engine), then you will be better understand Debian's repository system and apt.

I already did that (+ lots of other material including the Debian bible
and "Debian concepts and techniques"). Anyhow I didn't find any info on
this topic. That's why I asked here.

I want to add that I am familiar with apt pinning and forcing an older
version. The problem is that older versions disappear from mirrors
pretty quickly leaving you with no option to install an older version
(apt-cache is imo not a reliable method).

I also tried Debian snapshot, but this site provided me only with very
old versions (stable?) and nothing from the testing branch. Moreover I'm
looking for an officially supported way to install older versions.



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