Wireless card not showing up


This may not even be a Debian issue but i dont know where to start.

I have a ThinkPad T60 running Lenny. Its normally plugged into an Ethernet port. I realized recently that only the wired network is showing up
in my networking tools, even though the machine does support WiFi.

I rebooted it and i still only have my Ethernet card showing up. And when i look over the output of dmesg, theres nothing at all there for my wireless
card, at least nothing i can see.

Im absolutely sure theres a wireless card here; theres even an entry in the Network Manager Editor for an interface i sometimes use.

Because its not showing up in dmesg i wonder if its a hardware rather than driver problem, but i thought someone hear might have an idea of where to
start looking. I know the machine has never been dropped or damaged.



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