Filing bug reports in Debian (was Re: Debian Stole My Name!)

On 10/10/08 22:21, Hal Vaughan wrote:

Don't get me wrong, I love open source. I've contributed to several projects with code, including doing a couple of my own projects. For instance, I learned C++ just so I could write the code for LinuxICE that controlled some HD radios through the USB port. I take FOSS into consideration financially as well and there are some FOSS projects who will also be quite thankful when I die and my will is read.

But I've learned, the hard way, NEVER file a bug report in a FOSS project. I have several times and have yet to find one where the developers were appreciative of the bug report. I'll go even farther: In most cases they've been outright hostile and I've had times where they've "told me off" to justify closing the bug.

I'm a geek to the core, but the stereotype of programmers or geeks that have no social skills seems to come from something and my experience, over the past 10 years or so of working with FOSS, tells me that filing bug reports is just a good way to invite personal abuse.

I'd love to help in that way, but I tried it several times, making sure I carefully describe the problem, the conditions under which it occurred, and so on, and made sure I was not accusing but being helpful, but I have *never* had a positive experience from filing a bug report in a FOSS program.

I am, though, thankful that for reasons of my own that I won't go into here, that when I filed reports I used my "second" name, which is a legal alias. If I'm going to be flagellated by someone in a situation where it could be Googled, I'd rather it be under my AKA than my birth name.

When I see evidence that filing bugs for FOSS won't result in developers being irked there's a bug, then I'll start filing them again. I'm a developer myself. I hate bugs, but on the other hand, I'm glad when people point them out to me so I can clear them up.

I've *never* had a DD get hostile with me. Ignored? Yes. But not hostile.

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Jefferson LA USA

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