Re: Erase cache, clean registry in Linux

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 13:20, lee <lee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 11:40:38AM -0800, Kelly Clowers wrote:
On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 10:42, lee <lee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That shouldn't be there in the first place. You end up with hundreds
of megabytes of totally useless thumbnails

They are not useless, they keep thumbnail display times reasonable.
I have used programs that generate thumbnails on the fly, per session
and it is slow and annoying.

Ok, if it helps you, it's good to have them. But then, using them
should be an option, and I would want to be asked if I wanted to use
that option. Dumping an unlimited amount of files into a hidden
directory, eating up an unlimited amount of disk space without even
telling the user about it is retarded software design.

They could and maybe should put in an option to not use a cache,
but Gnome apps probably wouldn't want to.

They are needed to keep display times reasonable. All programs
should use the same cache, and many do. If you have a favorite
program that does not use ~/.thumbnails, you should probably
file a bug.

How am I supposed to know which programs would use a cache and where
the cache is when they don't even tell me? These files remain
there indefinitely if I don't delete them myself, no matter if I'm
using them or not.

Ideally, the XDG dirs would become universal, and well known,
like /etc, /usr, et al.

Why didn't they make it so that the user can specify how much disk
space can be used for thumbnails?

Maybe they didn't think of it. The spec hasn't changed in a while,
but it is only 0.7. Maybe it is time for 0.8 with a space limiter and
~/.cache/thumbnails/ instead of ~/.thumbnails


Imho it's better to design software so that it doesn't waste
resources. I probably haven't used 99.99% of the 350MB thumbnails in
more than two years, but now I'm supposed to spend $500+ on getting
new disks for crap like that? I don't think so. But if you want to
give me the money for it, you're welcome :)

350 MB? I have not cleaned my thumbnails since early 2007 or so
and I had 1.6 GB. And my /home disk is only 120 GB, but I still
don't care. I would care if my ~ is messy, but XDG standards are
starting to fix that. But I don't care if large amounts of data are
stored as long as it is in one logical place, where I can see it and
control it if I want to, and it is serving some purpose.

As to setting up cron jobs to automatically delete data, I'm very
reluctant to do that. If something goes wrong, the job might delete
data I don't want it to delete. Something as simple as filenames
containing spaces can already make it go horribly wrong.

I suppose, although nothing under .thumbnails should have a space
or anything like that.

But if, as you say, you haven't used 99.99% of the thumbnails in
more than two years, then if you delete it once, it should take more
than two years before more than a megabyte or two of thumbnails
are added back in.

Kelly Clowers

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