Re: kernel version of debian testing.

On 12/18/08 12:26, Sven Joachim wrote:
On 2008-12-18 19:08 +0100, Ron Johnson wrote:

On 12/18/08 12:55, Jan Brosius wrote:

Does anyone know the kernel version in the latest version of
debian-testing? I saw on the internet that my hardware (more
precisely my ethernet card) needs kernel 2.6.27-*.

thanks for any information,
$ apt-cache search linux-image | grep ^linux-image | sort

$ uname -r

Kind of useless for somebody who is not running Debian yet but rather
considering to install it.

Isn't he already running Debian? Doesn't *everyone* already run Debian????

But seriously, from this page you can search for packages.

Specifically, this is what OP needs:

Of course, since he doesn't run Debian, he doesn't know to search for "linux-image". Shame on him!!!

Jan, you're out of luck, 2.6.26 is the latest kernel in Debian. There
are unofficial repositories with 2.6.27, but you may have some problems
to access them if your network doesn't work.

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Jefferson LA USA

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