cannot boot after update

I run debian etchnhalf 4.0r5a AMD64.
I just installed a new desktop system (std and desktop packages). Since then i have done very little to add to it. Just installed foo2qpdl for my printer and also dvdrip from debian multimedia.
Once in gnome i was informed of some new updated packages, so i did the update. However i cannot recall which packages were in there.

Since the update, i now cannot boot into the system anymore. Symptoms are as follows:

- display switches from normal 80x25 into framebuffer type higher resolution mode during boot where as before it didn't change to framebuffer.
- will not show xserver, but monitor stays on with just backlight black screen.
- I cannot change consoles using ctrl+alt+F1 or whatever.
- tried booting using vga=normal at grub prompt but didn't make a difference -> it still switches to framebuffer higher resolution display during boot and then crashes.

This also occurred the other day (wednesday) to my previous debian installation, which was etch 4.0r5 AMD64 (normal etch but updated to etchnhalf kernel), i think also after a recommended update.

Any ideas?

My hardware is as follows:

Phenom 3 8450
2Gb ram
ATI radeon X300 PCIe card
gigabyte ga-ma770-s3 mobo

If you need some logs or whatever, i can try to boot with live cd to access them and then i can post.



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