Re: Which programming Language

On Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 8:13 AM, Douglas A. Tutty <dtutty@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Someone has a python compiler (*.py to an executable)? Yes, I know that
python *.py modules get "compiled" into *.pyc byte-code but that still
has to go through the python interpreter. Also, what happens in 10
years when I want to make a slight change to a program?

Yeah, both perl [1] and python [2] now have compilers (to executable,
not to bytecode) out there. You (obviously) lose the
platform-independence with this. It seems like most of them are a
little clunky -- they wind up importing part of the relevant
interpreter, so I don't know if the resulting executable would run any

In 10 years, if you want to change the program, you need to change the
source and recompile, just like with C. The issue is just that the
language is still changing, so there's no guarantee that any compiler
for new hardware will recognize your old language conventions.
That'll throw up the same roadblocks whether you compile a standalone
executable or stick with the interpreted plaintext script file.


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