Re: Java in Debian 5

2009/2/22 Celejar <celejar@xxxxxxxxx>:

I was actually surprised by the fact that I apparently had a bunch of
java stuff marked as manually installed. I run aptitude without
automatic installation of recommends, and I have no idea when I would
have marked stuff like 'libxom-java' or 'bsh' (BeanShell) as manually
installed, since I'm not a java dev.

Stuff tends to build up over time. It happens under linux but nowhere
at the speed that I used to find the same thing happening under

I have nothing against it, since it's FLOSS, but I'd rather not have a
bunch of stuff on my system for functionality that I don't use. And
with the greatness that's Debian, if I ever *do* need it, it's only a
quick and easy 'aptitude install' away.

Isn't that the truth :-)


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