Re: [OT I think] Which Distro?

Thorny wrote:
Jimmy Johnson wrote:>>> Why do you flame me, maybe you think it's better
to recommend Sidux or
Ubuntu? <G>
Johannes Wiedersich wrote:>> I didn't intend to flame you, I am sorry if I
sounded like that.
If you don't want a flame, please stop yours as well. I just gave my
opinion, you gave yours. I don't understand why you take to personal

Jimmy Johnson wrote:> This was the first paragraph in your post and was a
personal attack.
"> May I remind you that this is a list for 'discussion among debian

So you don't know that I'm a long time Debian user, you don't know that
Mepis is Debian based, maybe you don't know much of anything, but you
keep typing and giving your opinion and now you tell me not to take it

Maybe you should stop attacking people that post to this list.

And whats with that "YMMV"? Seems to me it's nothing more than a way to
cover your ignorance.

You want to apologize, well then apologize, but don't you dare keep
shoving this flame war back on me.

And that's my humble opinion, friend.

What he did was not a flame, the manner in which you responded certainly
did look like a flame to me. Sure, in an OT thread he didn't need to
mention that this was a Debian related list but it seemed harmless that he
did mention that, not something to get ones ego in a twist about.

First think you for not snipping relevant post, second when someone says to me "May I remind you that this is a list for discussion among debian users", I tell you what that means to me: "This is my house and it's my way or the highway" and you tell that I should take no offense because I have committed no offense, well that is plain wrong.

seemed to me he was mostly suggesting that Debian would do everything
mentioned, if used as it was intended to be used, that it wasn't necessary
to change to a different OS or derivative . That had the potential to be
useful information for the OP and on topic for the question.

Yet Johannes post this to me and not the OP, how do you suggest that helps the OP? It did not help me, I did not ask.

In addition,
your opinion doesn't look very humble, what you wrote seemed to be an
arrogant attack. Now I think it possible you will flame me for pointing
this out to you. Please don't. And, please notice the difference between
asking, "please don't" and writing, "don't you dare".

And now you attack me and call me arrogant, I'll tell you what I want and that is to be left along to make in my opinion a friendly and helpful post as I did before Johannes started this flame war and I speak for all that may have a different opinion than yours and yes, I know the difference between asking, "please don't" and writing, "don't you dare", the law says "don't you dare" and the criminal says "please don't" arrest me after they have committed their crime.

Where do you come from that a person needs to say "please" to have the right to express their opinion? Is this a friendly list or is it not?

Now I think it's possible you will flame me for pointing this out to you. Please don't. :-D

Just a note, this has been taken off list between Johannes and I, if left along I have hopes we will solve our differences. I love Debian and Johannes loves Debian and that can be the start of a very good friendship, don't you think. So let's leave it along. OK.

Jimmy Johnson

Bakersfield, CA. U.S.A.
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