Re: package management begins to annoy me

Ron Johnson wrote:

Yes, you're using aptitude. Return to the apt* which God intended us to
use: apt-get.

Whaa?!??! Wait a sec. This just an unsubstantiated claim.

Since I learned about aptitude (a few years ago?), I have been using it
consistently. It gives more information than apt-get and, as this poster
implied, has not misbehaved at all as compared to apt-get. So, as Boyd
has suggested, ignore this poster on this.

To the OP: you are probably doing something wrong with your sources.list
(did you ever change it after installation?). It would be a good
starting point to see what are its contents and if there is anything
fishy over there.

Once that is done, I would post here what aptitude shows you it wants to
do and ask if there anything amiss.



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