Re: Which timezone does the cron use in Debian?

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and the date and time is correct. They're the same as the bios (cmos)
clock shows.
I'd assume cron uses system-time, so whichever time 'date' tells
you... Did you check to see you don't have any other cron-jobs alying
But IIUC, timezone is a property of individual user environments, and
is not a systemwide constant;

It can be overridden by an individual user's settings, but it is also
configured system-wide via the /etc/localtime file/symlink.

Thanks; I didn't realize this.


I assume, but I'm no expert, that cron also uses the
timezone of the user whose cronjob it's currently running.

I don't think the user's .bash_profile, .profile, etc. are sourced during a
cron run. Your .bashrc might, but normally not. Even global files of this
type like /etc/profile are generally not sourced during the cron run.

This means that the user's overrides are generally not honored, so the
timezone will be what is specified in /etc/localtime. The overrides are all
via environment variables, so you can set them in your crontab if you want.

Thanks for the explanations.

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