Re: Nvidia TNT Riva 2

Felix Miata wrote:

On 2009/05/09 19:17 (GMT-0400) JoeHill composed:

brad wrote:

  I have an older TNT Riva 2 Model 64 graphics card. Is it possible to
install the correct driver for this card in Debian Lenny?

I know this is going to annoy you, but I have to say it: you could get a
card that is 1000 times more powerful for about $10.

Maybe. Maybe he has no AGP or PCIe slot. Maybe he doesn't need 3D.

However if there is some compelling reason then you could try loading the
nvidia-glx-legacy drivers from non-free. I see they have a 71xx series,
which the nvidia website shows as appropriate for the TNT2.

Or he could use the FOSS nv driver.

You're right, it was so silly of me to assume that he had a working X with the
default nv driver which is loaded automatically, and that he wanted to find out
about something other than that.


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