make gnus reply correctly to debian lists

I am moving from mutt to gnus, and I am missing a description of how to
make gnus behave "the right way" when dealing with debian lists. I use
fetchmail to get messages from my ISP, and a strange combination of
procmail and maildrop to filter them into mboxes, where each mailing
list has its own inbox. Gnus takes messages there and stores them in its
nnml backend. Now I would like gnus to know that whenever I reply to any
debian list, it is to send my reply only to the list, except if
explicitly told otherwise (it should also do the right thing if it finds
mail-followup-to and reply-to headers, and I don't even know what is the
right thing in that case).

I am certain that I can find a way to solve that problem, but I am sure
I am not the first to face it, and I would rather not duplicate work ;)


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