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On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 12:19 PM, Bret Busby <bret@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On a laptop that has 4GB of RAM, and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor(which I
assume to be a 64 bit CPU), I understand that a 64-bit OS is best for
accessing the full GB of RAM.

For 64-bit version, Ubuntu has only the AMD64 version.

On the Debian web page at , the
architectures supported, include AMD64 and Intel IA-64.

On the Debian web page for AMD64, at ,
is stated
"The port consists of a kernel for all AMD 64bit CPUs with AMD64 extension
and all Intel CPUs with EM64T extension, and a common 64bit userspace."

What exactly the "EM64T extension" is, or whether it is applicable to the
CPU, I do not know.

On the Debian web page for Intel IA-64, at , is stated
"IA-64 has been a supported Debian architecture since Debian 3.0 (woody)
If you would like to help, start by subscribing to the debian-ia64 mailing
The normal Debian channels for acquiring installation media now include
ia64 CD images. "

On the Debian FAQ web page (to try to find which is the appropriate ISO
image to download), the question with the label
"Which of the numerous images should I download? Do I need all of them?" at , is stated
"If your PC has a 64-bit AMD or Intel processor, you will most likely need
the "amd64" images (though "i386" is also fine), the "ia64" images will not

So, is the AMD64 ISO image, the appropriate one for a laptop with an Intel
Core 2 Duo processor, or is the Intel IA-64 the appropriate image (and, if
so, does it work?) ?

Also, on one mirror at which I looked, is (directory listing)


Index of /debian/debian-cd/5.0.1/

Name Last modified Size File Description
Parent Directory -
amd64 Tue Apr 14 18:32:36 2009 -
i386 Tue Apr 14 18:32:37 2009 -
ia64 Tue Apr 14 18:32:36 2009 -
multi-arch Tue Apr 14 18:32:37 2009 -
trace Tue Apr 14 18:32:38 2009 -"

which makes me wonder whether "multi-arch" means multi-architecture, and
therefore, whether a multi-architecture ISO image exists, that automatically
detects the architecture and determines the appropriate architecture
installation,which it installs.

Could someone please clarify which is the appropriate version to install,
given the CPU and the 4GB of RAM?

Thank you in anticipation.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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you'll know what the answer means."
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Just download the AMD64 version and burn it either on CD/DVD.
I have an Intel Core 2 Duo PC with 8GB using Debian Lenny AMD64.


IA-64 architecture is intended to be used on high end servers. Don't bother
to download the Iso's, those machines are VERY expensive, only big
corporations can afford them.

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