Re: What hardware to use for Debian Firewall/Gateway or server?

Jan Willem Stumpel <jstumpel@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Csanyi Pal wrote:

What is the recommended new hardware for firewall/gateway or
for a web, mail, file & printer server at a small home network?

Any advices will be appreciated!

I am now using a "Bubba 2", made by a Swedish company:

It runs Debian. More expensive, of course, than using an old
desktop or laptop computer (but the price is going down all the
time, now 212 euros for a unit with 500 GB hard disk), but it uses
"almost no" electricity, and it is silent (fanless). Very suitable
for 24/7 operation. I am very happy with it.

Regards, Jan

It's very nice but can one install on it say a Debian GNU/Linux Lenny?

Regards, Paul Csanyi

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