Re: Uptimes - any guidance? [moving OT]

AG <computing.account@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Allen Kenner wrote:
I use FreeBSD
instead for BSDs as it's closer to the stuff from Berkeley,

Yeah, FreeBSD has always interested me, but I have yet to try it.
Maybe once I've finished my current project and have some time on my
hands, I may well look to dual boot FreeBSD and Debian, just to see if
there's any difference. Are there any issues regarding UID flags for
/home for example on a shared Debian/ FreeBSD machine, if both OSs try
to access the same directory?

I am currently running FreeBSD inside of VirtualBox under Lenny, and
it works reasonably well. The UID was different for myself, so I just
changed it after I installed. I am now using ssh to communicate
without any problems. There are a number of other differences on how
they do things. Many programs, such as ls and ps, have different
command line options, so I often need to check to see if they support
the options that I am used to. Mostly it seems comparable, but Debian
seems a little more finished in most things.

I rarely reboot ever. One of the things that made me use Linux and BSD
to begin with was me being tired of rebooting for a MEDIA PLAYER! I
couldn't believe I had to reboot for it, and got fed up. Now, I reboot
only to add hardware. (I use FreeBSD, Slackware, SUSE, Mandriva, Debian,
and Solaris).

Aaah Slackware ... I still have fondness for Slackware and enjoyed
using it from 8.1 to 11.0 However, I confess to having become quite
spoiled by the package management system of Debian (and I suspect that
FreeBSD and Gentoo are similar with ports and portage respectively).

Ports are source, but they have a binary package system also. I
mostly use the binary packages, but I prefer Debian's package system.

Carl Johnson carlj@xxxxxxxx

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