Re: remount removeable drive in Lenny - how? [more]

On 2009-07-20_22:20:59, Tiago Saboga wrote:
Paulo E Condon:
I think that the device file is NOT removed. This is what I
observe. When I umount /dev/sdxn, the mount-point /media/MMMPPP is
removed, and the device file is remains. This is GOOD because the
reason for umount is so that I can run e2fsck. So, from observation, a
supposition held by some is false.

It was not a supposition, but what I see here. I am sorry, I think I was
not clear enough when I entered this thread: I have a similar problem,
but it is not really the same thing. I will do more tests soon (I am not
at the same machine now), but after I had "removed safely" the device,
in kde, I had no more device file - or better, just the main one
(/dev/sdf), and both file and fsck.vfat complained that the file was not
available (I don't know what the exact wording was). And so I could not
even run fsck (fsck.vfat, in my case).

Tiago Saboga.

Sorry Tiago for a comment about your observation. I had interpreted
your remark as a speculation about how hal works, not an observation
of actual behavior of your system. I apologize.

I have what I think to be a solution, but the reason it works is now
suspect because it could not work for you, whose system differs from
mine in some mystery aspect. What happens if, in the future, a Gnome
developer, changes whatever makes it work for me into whatever doesn't
work for you?

And there is Andrei's system on which device-file, mount-point and
icon are all preserved --- but not in Gnome. Perhaps we should both
investigate migrating to Xfce.

Paul E Condon

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