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1) There is a long-standing bug - or feature request: kmail does not
start a new thread when downloading mail, so you have to wait for it
to finish. It can be long if you have lots of mail, or if you pass
the mail through anti-spam/anti-virus.

Do you have the bug number? This is the reason that I left Kmail.

2) fam/libfam0 have a bug where it takes all of the cpu; if you have
a multi-core cpu, you may not notice that it's eating up your
processing time, but when kmail may be very slow in this case (it
seems to depend heavily on libfam). I've solved this problem
replacing famd by gamin (and libfam0 by libgamin0).

You do this on your friends' installs, or this is a fix that you have
commited to KDE trunk? If the latter, could you please open a bug at
KDE and explain the fix? Thanks!

Dotan Cohen

Thank you Dotan,

That's the problem obviously.

[Running Debian testing on a Acer Aspire 3610 not a multicore. Intel
Celeron M Processor 380 [1.6GHz, 400MHz FSB 1MB L2 cache]]

When my machine boots, it says: FAM and then in red: failed

Why FAM suddenly didn't work after an upgrade, I have no idea.

So FAM isn't running, apparently, and that must be the problem with

I never worried about it because in the days, some years ago, before I
discovered and could install Debain and used Mandrake, I actually
stopped FAM from running because it caused all manner of problems for
me. So seeing the above message thought it a blessing, but obviously
not for Kmail.

Didn't file a bug report because other than running top, and seeing the
stats there, to discover what was slowing my machine down, I couldn't
do anything but write about that limited observation. I had no idea
what Kmail was doing and why, just that it was causing me considerable
grief for ten or 15 minutes, though it seemed like hours.

Claws mail works fine without FAM though.

I will try to remove FAM and install Gamin, if I can, and see what
happens with Kmail before I uninstall it once more.

Thank you again.
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