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On Tue, Jul 28 2009, AG wrote:

Care to elaborate on that, John? This is a serious question - I used
to use Xfce back in the days of Slackware 8.1, but that was still a WM
(or was that a DE?). Are you referring to those FWM-like systems, or
something entirely different?

I use fvwm. This allows far more control: for example, see here
for window decorations:

Here is a mac osxy look and feel using fvwm:
A bit snow blindingly white, but it has decent aesthetics.

Here are some screen shots:

Here is where you see a tutorial to create bouncing docks, all
by yourself:

Here is a tutorial:

You get to create gestures, and bind them to keys, and with
fvwm-themes it is themable, it can be extended, and you can use perl
functions to add to fvwm.

All in all, I would say while heavy customization takes time,
you can rarely get this level of control elsewhere.

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for
the reader.
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