Re: Network concerns and configuration draft 4

To me disallowing running servers is pretty close to the issue of
net-neutrality, so I prefer to stay away from such ISPs.
It isn't usually the customer who is running a server: he doesn't know
what it is. It's the botnet herder who controls the machine that runs
the servers. As long as most end-user machines are running Windows and
therefor probably running bots blocking ports is necessary.

Do you really think that botnets can only run their servers on port 80?
Do you even think they would use port 80 by default, knowing that it's
the port most commonly blocked (on incoming connections)?

Nah, blocking port 80 has nothing to do with "protecting the ISP from
herds of botnets". It's only a business strategy.

In any case, in the quoted paragraph, I'm not talking about blocking
ports, but about contract clauses that say "thou shalt not run
a server".


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