Re: C++ and threading howto for linux dev

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:

In <20090811112355.2e38a8a3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Micha Feigin
c is a subset of c++ so you can use the c api inside c++.

Not entirely true. ISO 9899:1999 (C Programming Language) has a number of
types that are not in ISO 14882:2003 (C++ Programming Language), at least.
Also, the upcoming "C++1x" standard will not include the variable-length
arrays feature from "C99". There are certain valid C constructs that will
cause errors in C++, not limited to using C++ keywords as C identifiers or
using the sequence "//*" in code.

There is a common subset of C and C++ and it includes the majority of the
C language and standard library, but do not mistake C as "C++ without

Thanks Boyd, I'm not that familiar with C or C++ specifications, but that's
exactly what's happening when trying to use pthreads directly from c++ and
I understand completely well why.
It needs a wrapper but things with threads (actually concurrency) are more
complicated, so I think libboost would be for me the way to go. It looks

I'm not sure how much advantage and disadvantage is to write the code or
parts of it in C and the rest in c++. Not even sure if it's possible
without any cavities, but it fun to learn.


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