problem installing Lenny

Hi there,

Since I was unable to recompile my old kernel 2.6.20 under Debian Sarge,
I decided to install Lenny. Unable to find a way to just upgrade (there
has been Etch in between), I just saved directories and installed from
the iso image


I choose somewhat automated install. I left partitions like they were
under Sarge, or, if I did change something at that point, I can't
exactly remember what. I must say that the partitioning menu seemed very
confusing, but I admit that I knew very little about my raid1 system.

In any case, the Lenny install that I now get, shows defaults.
mdadm monitoring keeps sending mails at each boot :

'A degradated event has been detected on md device /dev/md0
P.S. The /proc/mdstat file currently contains the following :

Personalities: [raid 1]

md1: active raid 1 sda2[0] sdb2[1]
67874550 blocks [2/2] [UU]

md0: active raid 1 sda1[0]
497856 blocks [2/1] [U_]

unused devices : none

a 'df' does confirms the diagnostic above : if md1 is OK with two
mirrored partitions sda2 and sdb2, md0 only has sda1, while there was
sda1 and sdb1 on my former Sarge system.

Ever since I detected such anomaly, I re-installed once more, but I must
have missed something on the partitioning menu, and I have not found
what I should change there.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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