sharing an ipp printer with a mac client

I'm using cups 1.4.0 from debian sid and I have a deskjet printer
connected via USB. This printer is shared (ticked "Share printers
connected to this system" and "Allow printing from the Internet" in
the web gui) and should be visible.
I can print from linux clients. Configuring the printer on linux
clients is as easy as creating a client.config file in /etc/cups with:
ServerName nameofmyserver
I don't even install cups on the clients, package cups-client is
enough. I don't used a wizards in linux clients.

Anyway some time ago I managed to configure the printer on my wife's
mac. This expansive laptop is connected wirelessly (same as the linux
clients) via a router. Mac osx was able to detect the printer with the
protocol (IPP) and server address. Now it can't and upgrading cups to
1.4.0 broke printing from it with the old printer profile. I can print
in mac console specifying host address with:
lp -h test.txt
but the damn wizard won't detect the printer.
Any hints?

Leonardo Canducci

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