Re: eth0 and networkmanager

On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 05:27:26PM -0700, Arthur Barlow wrote:
I understand that NetworkManager was designed as a tool for the woeful state
of wireless connections and linux, but I'm using a workstation with a
"hard-wired" connection and networkmanager cannot seem to manage it. It
shows "ifupdown(eth0)" as being unmanaged, which I suppose is no big deal,
but it assumes that I'm not connected. Therefore, whenever I launch
Epiphany it starts up "off line" as it assumes I'm not connected. Is there
a simple fix for this?

The prevailing wisdom on this list seems to be to remove network
manager. It will take the gnome meta package with it, but other than
that you shouild have no problems.

or, I believe you can just remove any "allow hotplug" lines from
/etc/network/interfaces to get a similar effect, but then, since
network mangler won't be actually doing anything, what is the point in
having it around?



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