Re: only one workspace when using compiz

Leonardo Canducci wrote:

2009/9/23 JoeHill <joehill@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Leonardo Canducci wrote:

When I turn on compiz I only have one virtual desktop. Desktop
switcher shows two available desktops but I can't change to the second
clicking on it.
I've tried to change "number of desktops" option in
compiz-config-settings-manager (ccsm) but this particular option is
grayed out. Am I missing something or is it a known bug? Should I load
some plugin?
Btw, I'm using gnome and sid (but the same happens with lenny) on
intel 965 graphics.

Try under 'Desktop', enable Viewport Switcher.
Had to install compiz-fusion-plugin-main to have it but anyway nothing
changed. "number of desktops" in general options is still grayed out
and set to 1. I also tried assigning a keyboard combo in ccsm's
viewport switcher but it has no effect either. Where am I wrong?

In the same place where you increase the number of desktops, can you increase
the 'horizontal virtual size'? I just noticed that I cannot change the 'number
of desktops' either, but I get the same result with 'horizontal virtual size'.

I can then switch viewports either by mousewheel on the background or with the
'expo' plugin (under Desktop), in my case I just zip the mouse pointer up to the
top left corner. This is set in the Expo prefs.

I think it's possible that Compiz settings are a bit more complicated than they
need to be ;)


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