When to expect a kernel commit in Debian stable's kernel?


I'm quite new to Debian, and wondering how long it usually takes for a
kernel patch to go through unstable and testing to stable.

The particular commit I'm interested in is:

I believe the respective debian package is gspca-modules (I have
gspca-modules-2.6.26-2-686 version 2.6.26+01.00.20-6+lenny1)

The Ubuntu folks have added it some months ago:

Does the fact that they did it increase the chances of getting it into
Debian in any way? I guess it would be true the other way around.

I'm seeing a couple of 2.6.30 packages in the lenny repositories. Since
it was added to Ubuntu with their 2.6.28 kernel, can I expect the Debian
build (i.e. gspca-modules) of 2.6.30 to contain it?

The reference to Ubuntu is by no means intended as an offence; stability
is one of the reasons why I'm using Debian (stable) after all :)

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