Re: [OT] List policy - [Was: Could you recommend CD/DVD writer program?]

Dne, 13. 10. 2009 17:44:22 je Gaspar Núñez napisal(a):

i´m trying to change from windows to a free OS
and i'd like to try Debian
however i´m having some problems to install it
and the packages that i need to do my work

right know i would appreciate some help on the following:

i've dowloaded several times dvds 1 and 2
(debian-503-i386-DVD-1.iso and debian-503-i386-DVD-2.iso)
but when i check the md5 sum the codes never match



I'd reccommend downloading them with a BitTorrent client - BT is a
pretty robust protocol.

Good Luck!

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