Re: Problem with gettext files and Mutt.

I think you are overdoing it. I don't have a .mime.types file, nor any
encoding settings in my .muttrc, I'm just using a terminal with proper
UTF-8 support (rxvt-unicode).

How are you testing the encodings of the files you send/receive?

Thanks for the response. I'm using gnome-terminal. I started trying to
do this thing because I was getting a lot of messages in plain us-ascii,
and, I was getting mail in Spanish in iso..-1 badly rendered, therefore
the charset-hoo for iso...-15, in order to see the accents.

Now, Po files I send are "always" in utf-8, same as I receive. However,
I was getting garbled iso...1 instead of the right thing when it came to
receive it before. Then, mutt would also save the attachment with a
garbled enconding.

Now, with the fixes, when I send it, I get utf8 quoted, or plain/text
with the right encoding but wrong mime, yet viewable (what po's are,
just text). My problem is that the po is sometimes not viewable as
app/gettext, quoted, attachement. This is available in

l10n support ~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you want to see non-ASCII characters on a
Debian system, there's no use fiddling with the variable "charset", as
described in the manual page muttrc(5). Instead, you'll need to have
the Debian package "locales" installed on your system and set the LANG
or LC_CTYPE environment variable. e.g. US users will want to add
"export LC_CTYPE=en_US" to their ~/.bashrc.

That's way I tried everything. You say you just use that terminal and it

Regards, Omar


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