Re: Iceweasel annoyance


You need to slow down.

Yes . . . there is a period one needs to get used to a new system. If
you have completely switched (i.e., wiped your ubuntu partition) to
debian and aren't comfortable, shame on you. It's not that Debian is
that much different, but it's that such a move is irresponsible, given
you're lack of experience.

It was suggested that you start slowly . . . dual boot . . . try stuff
out and see what happens. Problems with visiting and dealing with
websites are not areas to claim problems with the OS. If you want a
certain bit of software, look for it, try to configure it and , WHEN
ALL ELSE FAILS, come to this list for help.

As others have said, *NIX requires work. Ubuntu (and others) try to
make that work as little as possible;) If you want to advance your
*nix skills, then you need to do stuff on your own. There are so many
forums, archives, tutorials that can help you, if you only look . . .
. . . . so . . . . look!

Once, you've exhausted the possibilities, you come to this list.

jjj, please take this as encouragement . . . I've been there/I am there.

On Sat, Nov 21, 2009 at 8:51 PM, John Jason Jordan <johnxj@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I shouldn't blame Iceweasel, because when I used to use Firefox it did
the same thing. And they are not the only apps that annoy me with this

What is this annoyance?

I am on a web page and there is a link for Contact Us. I know little of
html, but I think the code behind the link is "mailto." If I click on
it a window pops up on the desktop inviting me to configure Evolution.
Well, Evolution is not configured and never will be configured. I use
Sylpheed for my mail reader. I am very happy with Sylpheed and have no
intention of changing.

So I went into Preferences > Applications in Iceweasel and noted that
for mailto only Yahoo mail and Gmail were listed. I don't want to use
either of them; I want it to launch a Compose Message window in
Sylpheed. So I deleted them. Now when I click on the Contact Us link in
the web page Iceweasel pops up a little box that says "This link needs
to be opened with an application: Send to:" -- and then I can click on
a button to choose the application.

And there is the annoyance. When I click on the button I get a Nautilus
browser window. Like I know where the Sylpheed executable file is
located or what it is called. And you MUST use this browser window to
select the application. You can't just type the name of the application
in a box like you can when you edit your Applications menu.

If I right-click on any other file on my computer I get an "Open with"
dialog box where I can choose from a list of installed applications.
Why can't Iceweasel present me with something like that? Grrrr.

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