Re: copying files from home directory on one machine to directory on another machine

Alexander Kaphuk wrote:
Dave Witbrodt wrote:
Alexander Kaphuk wrote:

I'd appreciate somebody pointing me where to look for info on how to copy files from a home directory on one machine to a directory on another machine via network.

I've got about 100GB of data I need to copy from my desktop running ubuntu 9.04 on to a laptop running Debian Squeeze which are both at my home.

I'm not even sure how to word it in just a few words so I can google it.

Maybe simplest way is using 'ssh'. You can also use 'rsync', but if you've never used either before then learning about 'ssh' is arguably more important than learning 'rsync'.

First read this:

Then read about 'scp' (included with 'ssh'):

Dave W.

That's right. I've never used either tool before. Thanks a lot for the tip!

Sure. If you're in the mood to learn about every possibility...

You might also consider NFS: it allows you to mount directories from one machine on the other machine. If the userid's are the same on both machines, this would be terribly simple and would allow you set up the NFS mount using very few (of its long list of) options. If the userid's don't match, then you can:

a) mount with root privileges, copy the files, and change ownership
afterward using 'chown -R'

or b) mount with special NFS options to change the userid (and/or
groupid) -- I sometimes do this using a directory on my GUI
desktop, and then file copying automatically results in the
userid/groupid matching your user on the destination machine

Of course, NFS is not really an option if your source machine (or destination) is running Windows. [In that case, there's always
Samba! ;-) ]

Just food for thought,

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