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On Mon, 30 Nov 2009 22:38:36 +0100
Nick Douma <n.douma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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First off, you should find a debian-user mailing list that is in your
language, if you don't want to speak english.

- From what I can understand in your mail, you want to setup postfix
on lenny, and are asking how to do so. I recommend the ISP mail
guides from

If I misunderstood, please ask your question again in english, or find
the appropriate language debian-user mailing list.

cosme wrote:

Qué se debe instalar con posfix en Debian Lenny

apt-get install postfix clamav spamassassin??? Así

Alguien pudiera recomendarme alguna guía de instalcion y
configuracion para postfix en Debian Lenny.???

Cómo sería la instalacion y configuracion en caso de usar postfix
como pasarela??


... and here

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