Re: debian support and laptops

Dne, 10. 12. 2009 03:28:44 je Daniel Dalton napisal(a):

On my laptop, a HP Compaq 6715b, everything works OOB in Debian Lenny,

- the fingerprint reader does not work, as there is no driver for it
(for this hardware, the Linux driver is still "in the works" and will
remain so for quite some time)
- haven't tested the smartcard which is bundled as default in the PC
CARD slot
- haven't tested the firewire port
- haven't tested the modem
- the Broaadcom WiFi (BC 4382) only works with the proprietary Broadcom
driver (and works quite well actually)
- the ATI fglrx driver works better than the open-source one
(brightness adjustment supported, 3D acceleration for OpenGL games
supported, and apparently consumes less power -- runs cooler)

You can find the exact lspci output and additional comments worth
noting (or perhaps woth nothing ...;) on my tiddlywiki site (see
my signature), under the headings My Computer and Laptops In Heat.


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