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On Sun December 13 2009, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
Eeeww, you're in a bad neighborhood Paul:
good old US of A :)
oh, you mean my mail server? sorry about that!
How do you know they are full of spammers?
I moved from my old domain hosting people last year ( 2 years?) because there
was an issue of AT&T/Bellsouth blocking my domain emails from getting to
bellsouth people ( Most of my neighbothood is AT&T!) so that was BAD. After 2
weeks of fighting, I gave up, dropped AT&T & my domain host and went with
other companies. I thought everything was FINE...

Dec 13 14:35:52 greer postfix/smtpd[16900]: connect from[]
Dec 13 14:35:52 greer postfix/smtpd[16900]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from[]: 554 5.7.1
<[]>: Client host rejected: Access denied;
from=<ale@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> to=<stan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> proto=ESMTP
Dec 13 14:35:52 greer postfix/smtpd[16900]: disconnect from[]

# Liquid Web                            12/27/2008                         REJECT                         REJECT                          REJECT                         REJECT

Liquid Web is chock full of spammers, and I can see why you'd want to
move your outbound mail out of there.  But why go from bad to worse by
hosting it at SOHO behind DynDNS?

no, I don't want to host MY domain on dyndns, I want to host my dyndns domain
on my laptop, just to setup & test my own email server. I want to host my
REAL domain at home, on my Debian Desktop..... but I want to GET IT RIGHT
before I mess up my domain emails...

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