Re: VGA cards

Since both ATI and NVIDIA are lacking driver-wise, compare the hardware. NVIDIA was ahead for a long time, but they blundered several times lately, such as the mobile chipset debacle. NVIDIA has tried and failed also to again leapfrog ATI as they did with the 8800 and the 260/280. However, they are having a terrible time with the 300-series bringing it to market. By the time NVIDIA straightens out the mess, ATI will have caught up with them in an incremental fashion.

So, Radeon looks a bit more attractive right now, but that could easily flip-flop again. Six one, half-dozen the other.

I have no qualms about using the NVIDIA proprietary driver. The 260/216 makes a marvelous card for Linux or Windows. I would like a free*/open-source driver from either AMD or NVIDIA, but I won't hold my breath waiting.

Mark Allums

* Free-as-freedom, free-as-in-beer, why chose? Why can't I have both? If wishes were horses, and all that.

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