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Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
In <4B30E4EE.7010503@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
They are not supported by the "Debian installer kernel".
They have to be installed *seperately*.

This is neither true, nor desired. Any module meeting the kernel ABI is
supported by the kernel. Debian currently also distributes non-free firmware,
which could be considered part of the driver, that can be loaded by the
"Debian installer kernel" even if they are not part of the Debian OS and do
not receive the same level of support.

The proprietary video drivers for NVidia cards are supported by the Debian
kernel and distributed by Debian, but they are not part of the Debian OS nor
do they receive the same level of (human) support.

Thanks for pointing that out. I meant to write "included" instead of
"supported" with respect to the kernel of the Debian installer. Sorry
for causing any confusion.

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