Re: Setting up Atheros Ar5001 wifi

Hello again

1. add the relevant repositories to your
/etc/apt/sources.list (e.g. add the "stable" or "lenny" repositories,
also make sure you have the non-free branches included as that's where
the madwifi-* packages reside), then change the file
/etc/apt/preferences (create it if it doesn't exist yet) to something
install madwifi et al.

There's also a bit of configuration to be done in
/etc/modprobe.d/madwifi, uncomment the line:
I have done as you indicated in your email but now the wireless card is not
even detected after a restart. Could you show me how my interface configuration
file should look like.

not sure what you mean by "interface configuration file", my
/etc/network/interfaces only contains the loopback entry (lo) as I use
wicd to manage the network (works great for me!), but let's see if you
have the right modules loaded first (I presume the installation went
ok for you?), try running following command and include it's output in
your answer, if you don't mind:

aku@hexbrex:~$ lsmod | grep -E '(ath|wlan)'
wlan_tkip 10176 2
wlan_scan_sta 10752 1
ath_rate_sample 10816 1
ath_pci 174776 0
wlan 192436 5 wlan_tkip,wlan_scan_sta,ath_rate_sample,ath_pci
ath_hal 299424 3 ath_rate_sample,ath_pci

if nothing shows up try loading 'ath_pci' manually by doing:

hexbrex:/home/aku# modprobe ath_pci

Then run the previous command again.

Let me know how that works also please include any output of the above
commands in your reply.

All the best

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