File system for linux and windows


This may not be debian-specific question, but with the group expertise, I think this would be a good reference for anybody.

I think this question has been debated a lot but still there is no clear
information on what to do.

The question is, if you want to share data between linux and windows what is the best file system to use[plus adding security complexity].

Using Ext3 on windows is good but has its limitations. This does not work
unless the ext3 file system is on a partition. The limitation comes when
using applications like freeOTFE which can read LUKS volumes. The volume is mounted as a drive but not detected as a disk by any of the written
ext3 drivers in windows.

Using NTFS on linux and windows is cool. I have consistently seen that when there are large number of files, undoubtably, ntfs volume goes corrupt and chkdsk simply removes files and creates data loss. I do not have any clue on when the FS goes corrupt (either when writing using linux or when using in windows - Used ntfs (kernel), ntfs-3g ... all in vain).

Anyone can recommend VFAT. FAT32 being supported by XP and well supported by linux makes it a good candidate. The problem with FAT32, I guess (correct me if I am wrong), there is no support for case-sensitive file names in the FAT32 file system.

So, the question... what FS to use which is good and reliable in both windows and also linux ?

Is there any file system in linux which can work in windows also (meaning it can be read and optionally written-to in windows even if the
FS is not in a partition) ?

Bhasker C V
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