Re: selected debian questions: raid & performance tips

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Dino Vliet wrote:

1) Can you show me the definitive debian lenny guide to create a
software RAID-1 array from within the debian installer (I searched
with google but wasn't that sucessfull and the manual is brief) The
OS and data will be on the same disks as I don't have a spare OS
disks only.

The "Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide" [1] has always been sufficient
for my needs. You should get help from reading the section about


2) What OS tweaks do you advice, with my current setup plan (custom
kernel, setting values, other filesystems like ext2)?

None. You should be essentially fine with ext3 and the debian kernel for
your demonstration purposes. You might get a better performance by
tweaking, but for a proof of concept, I'd think that is overkill. YMMV.

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This was exactly what I need.
Are you sureb about ext3 though? I thought that ext2 would give better results on postgresql because I have raid and the database is ACID compliant.

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