Re: eth0 - eth1 confusion vs. local network

On Mon,08.Feb.10, 01:15:43, Stan Hoeppner wrote:

Perhaps the kernel brings eth1 into existence by first establishing it as
eth0, then renaming it to eth1; then bringing the "real" eth0 into

The above can happen when you add NICs to the system. I hate UDEV for this, and
it took me the better part of a day to figure this out a few months ago. UDEV
names the devices based on PCI bus slot number order. If you add a new PCI NIC
into an empty slot with a lower number than that of the NIC already in the
system, UDEV makes the lowest slot number eth0 and the higher slot number eth1.

I seem to recall such issues in the (quite distant) past.

The solution is to change the PCI slot order or create a UDEV static naming
rule based on MAC address that overrides the slot number ordering.

This is already done in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules (which
is actually generated by another rule).

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