Re: Removing SSH's welcome message (before login)

And then he borked it...

2010/2/17 Sven Joachim <svenjoac@xxxxxx>:
No.  The code is in the sshd_exchange_identification() function in
sshd.c, if you're interested.

Newer versions of openssh-server (starting with 1:5.2p1-2) have a
DebianBanner option that allows you to remove the Debian revision from
this string.

I tried upgrading by running a copy of sshd on another port, since
it's a remote server.
The openssh package from unstable required dependencies so i didn't go
through with the installation, leaving two instances of the server
running on two ports with two sshd_config files (only the port
differs). Both ports are open at the firewall and things seemed to be
ok at work where i logged in from.

When i came back home to fix the dependencies i got this nifty message
on both ports:
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

The solutions on the net don't seem to apply, as:
- I doubt it's too many connections as i'm the only one connecting to
the server, but i'll wait it out and see if they timeout. I must've
logged off 2h ago already though.
- I tried ssh-ing from another machine on another network but i get
the same message.
- I haven't touched the .allow/.deny files so i doubt that's it,
unless the new package (i used dpkg -i) overwrote them. Since it had
unmet dependencies, i assumed it did nothing.

At least i'm not getting the OpenSSH version string anymore :)

Any suggestions?


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