Re: Overwrite existing partition with zeros without hurting partition table? (Debian Lenny)

Ron Johnson put forth on 3/7/2010 9:18 PM:

Hans Reiser is a Bad Man, ergo any code that Hans Reiser writes is Bad?

That's so illogical, it makes ma think you're a Republicrat.

For an educated man you make many assumptions, many incorrectly. I didn't
say the code was bad because Reiser is a bad man. I said one of the reasons
I wouldn't use ReiserFS is because its author is a convicted murderer. This
has nothing to do with code, but supporting the work of a criminal.

It's akin to not eating at a known Mafia owned/operated restaurant. The
food is most likely fantastic, but I wouldn't eat there because of who owns
the joint. I don't condone or support criminality.

Novell, being headquartered in the Mormon capital of the world, Salt Lake
City, Utah, announced the day Reiser was arrested (not convicted but
arrested) that they were dropping ReiserFS as the default filesystem in
SLED/SLES immediately, and would be moving to help permanently phase it out
at customer sites ASAP. Obviously this latter part didn't happen over night
as it was deployed on many production servers. Novell didn't do this
because the code was bad. They did it because religious/political forces
dictated they distance themselves asap from Hans Reiser, especially given
competent (and some would argue better) alternatives were available. We
haven't even touched the practical issues involved in continuing use of

This subject has been debated ad nauseam since his conviction on many fora.
I'll not continue to waste time here. One great thing about Linux is
choice. You can choose to support the work of a convicted murderer. I can
choose not to.


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