Re: /boot partition changes when it should not

Clive McBarton wrote:
The "online to offline" comparison has value, just the "offline to
online" comparison does not. More precisely: You never know if any
checksums taken on a running system are reported correctly. But: If you
take an online system (powered up), take checksums of important files or
partitions, and they are the same after the system later becomes offline
(powered down), then they were reported correctly to begin with. Whereas
if they were correct before running it and are then are reported correct
while the system is running, it does not tell you anything.

Oh yep, I stand corrected.

Would you care to share your solution, Clive?

Currently I take checksums of the partition regularly during operation
and while the system is turned off. The "online to offline" comparison
works fine, whereas the "offline to online" does not always work, hence
this thread.

Just curious actually; do you use a simple live CD, a USB device, bootstrap via a secure network (PXE?), or..? Do you know of/use some targetted software/efforts to do that or did you hack something together?

To get back on the original topic, do you plan to forward the discussion to an extfs specific list (or somewhere else)? I think d-user@ is stuck at this point. I'm asking because I'm interested, too.


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