Squeeze KDE desktop icons

After upgrading from Lenny to Squeeze my DKE desktop sure is different.

I'm getting used to the KDE4 way of doing things, but some things seem stuck on automatic mode without an easy way for the user to modify them.

For example, if I put my desktop in "folder view" mode and change any settings relating to icons, they get moved into a sort order -- even when I have "lock icons in place" checked. There does not seem to be a "do not sort icons" option anymore.

And most annoyingly, all of my http:// and fish:// shortcuts are now represented with question mark icons.

If I right click on the shortcut, click properties, and click on the settings wrench icon I can get the properties for .desktop shortcuts, not the underlying http:// or fish:// protocols.

Opening the system settings dialog, going to advanced and looking at mime types doesn't seem to have settings for them anymore.

Does anyone know how I can restore the old behavior where a desktop shortcut pointing to an http:// URL had one icon, and a fish:// shortcut had another?


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