Re: More Xorg

On 2010-03-16 16:35 +0100, Mark Allums wrote:

On 3/16/2010 9:46 AM, Stephen Powell wrote:
Yes, the proprietary nvidia binary driver is another possibility. It's
great when it works, but it breaks often with maintenance to X or
the kernel.

It always requires reinstalling with kernel ABI changes, because it
requires a kernel module compiled for the running kernel. That also
makes it hard to run a different kernel and switch between them. A
change to X also usually require a reinstall, and often a new version
of the driver, as changes to X often *do* break the driver.

This does indeed happen sometimes, but if you use the latest version of
the Nvidia driver, it is usually compatible with released version of X.
Of course, if you want to run experimental pre-release version of X.Org
you run into problems more often.

A real problem is that Debian is not compatible with the proprietary
driver. Routine system maintenance overwrites files and ruins
configurations, requiring reconfiguration. The proprietary driver is
not packaged like a regular Debian package, and is not installed "in
the Debian Way". This has up to now been mostly harmless, but things
could be better.

Why not use nvidia-glx and nvidia-kernel-source from non-free which
_are_ available as regular Debian packages? They do not suffer from the
problems that you describe here.


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