Re: Realtek 8139 NICs would not work under the latest stable Debian.

Sthu Deus schreef:
Good day.

I'm unable to make working NICs containing Realtek 8139 chips - it is true for the latest updated Debian stable packets (let's call it B) - for the older ones (let's call it A) it seems working, though linux image is used the same (and it is where the drivers for te NICs are, as I suppose).

After some Internet search and reading of the ethernet-howto - I found that I have to use drivers as kernel modules 8139cp or 8139too. On A I see (with lsmod) the drivers are loaded and the interfaces are up and running, while on the B - the very same hardware (the NICs) refuses to function (again, the very same drivers modules are loaded automatically) - when I do

# ifup eth0

it says that I have no such device and some other errors. while lspci shows both of the devices. But in the /dev dir. I see no eth* devices.

I never had problems like this (all NICs always worked out of the box for me) and I do not know how I can solve the problem that seems "just should not to be". So I ask for Your help.

Thanks for Your time.

PS Please, reply to the list.

8139too is working fine for me, so shows me lspci -v; on a up to date lenny-machine.
maybe a hardware problem?


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