Re: Transferring files over SSH in the console

I can have as many open connections as I want, it's on the LAN. But I
would _prefer_ just one terminal window for both commands (SSH) and
file transfers.

First of all, I believe the ssh protocol (not necessarily the ssh
program) already support exactly what you want: logging in and, if you
want, sending files through the already opened tunnel.

Exactly! The protocol obviously supports this as both sftp and the
shell are over the same ssh protocol. That is why I thought that this
ability might exist.

PuTTY does exactly that. If you are logged in, you can press a button to
open a (local) file browser for the remote files. Without new password
entering. So I guess it uses the same tunnel.

I see, then it is already in the right pwd. I'd still prefer to keep
it all in one window but I will play with Putty. Thanks.

So here's your first solution: use putty. It exists for Linux also.

Second solution: if the ssh protocol supports what you want but the ssh
program does not, then complain to whoever maintains ssh (program) to
include that option. For example, a hotkey to switch it into sftp mode
in the already open connection.

That would be more of a feature request than a complaint. I suppose
that OpenSSH might be the project to file the feature request to. I'll
get on that.

More solutions (sshfs, or just giving up and typing several commands)
have already been posted here.

Many workarounds, but the solution seems to be to file a feature
request with OpenSSH. Thanks.

Dotan Cohen

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