Re: Not able to change password with passwd

Sjoerd Hardeman <sjoerd <at>> writes:

Mar 22 13:24:48 fp passwd[2001]: pam_winbind(passwd:chauthtok): valid_user:
So you're trying to authenticate against a windows domain controller. Is
that indeed your setup?

Absolutely not. I wonder how this configuration came in place, considering I
installed the server recently from scratch and edited configuration-files very
carefully and tried to understand every single thing I changed anywhere. I
installed samba, though, and edited its configurationfile smb.conf. I'll have to
look into this issue and find out where this is configured (in /etc/pam.d/ I
guess) and change it. Thanks for the hint.

airflow <at> fp:/$ lsattr /usr/bin/passwd
------------------- /usr/bin/passwd
That doesn't look strange.

Good! :)

PS. I'm on the list, you don't need to send the mail to my address as well.

Sorry - I just switched from mailing-list to gmane and wanted to send it to you
in CC, which isn't possible in gmane.


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