Re: How to obtain UUID of drives (squeeze udev lacks vol_id)

On 2010-03-24 22:40, Lubos Rendek wrote:
Hi Paul,

For me, linux device names have become very intuitive. Certainly more
intuitive than UUIDs. I've been thinking about UUIDs for a little over
a week. To me, the idea of UUIDs suffers from a great excess of
pseudo-intellectual baggage. A convention for naming things that is
deliberately designed to generate names that give no clue as to what
the thing is, or which one of several similar things this one actually
is --- is crazy.

I agree, HDXn is certainly easy to understand and it gives a sys admin
more transparent view into the system which also allows him/her to
react to the emergency situation with better speed. What is more is
that this is yet another example where MS windows people would not
move from their click, drag and drop approach as to convince them that
this is a better way to do it would be very hard.

As opposed to descriptive symbolic labels like DADS_ROOT, KIDS_HOME, WORK_DATA?

Anyway what is this UUID business all about?

If you knew what UUID means, I think you'd understand.

If its is so great to use
multiple character strings of complete gibberish to name a partition
so why is it not done somewhere on the lower kernel level and make
this process completely transparent on the user level?

The kernel (TTBOMK) doesn't even deal with hda1, hda2, sdb4, etc. It uses major and minor numbers which are unique to a running instance of the system.

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